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A Hinckley based, bespoke, website design service... come find out more about us

A little intro

Firstly let us say ncodein is new local start up. Craig the founder of ncodein has lived in Hinckley for 16 years now. For the majority of that time he has worked a large local company as a developer there, building internal web applications. Now he is looking to start a new adventure and offer those expertise to the businesses in the local area as an independent web developer.

With that in mind I am looking to build a portfolio and to help me achieve that I am looking for the opportunity to work with a small number of businesses at a substantially reduced cost to them. In fact I am willing to design and build you a website free of charge, with the only cost to you being for your web hosting (the space on the web for your site to sit on) and your domain name ( which I will also help with provisioning. This is something I can manage on your behalf but would prefer my clients to take ownership of.

To help you understand what this might mean to you, here is the typical cost for this:

  • Domain name with a .com is around £9 per year but the first year is normally much less, typically around £2.
  • The web hosting, can vary depending on what you wish to get out of it but most people will not have great needs, unless your looking to create the next Amazon, you are talking between £6 and £12 per month but again the first year normally can be had for a substantial discount.

Once you have decided you would like to take this opportunity, we can look at exactly what the cost will be for your solution and even look at spreading the cost over the year.

 Past work


Cease is a salon in Braunston Gate in Leicester. As with all my sites, this is one I designed and is now managed by the client for the most part.


Hilton BCE is a construction and Groundworks company in South Wales. This one is still a work in progress but as yet is the only demonstration I have of a site that I manage entirely.


Kieran is a young singer song writer who also manages his own site after I built and designed the template.